Insurance Coverage For Nonprofits

As a nonprofit organization, you understand, more than most, the value of the funds bequeathed to you. At CTG, we also enjoy meaningful work and doing something we care about; providing value in standing behind the work we do. We understand that focusing your resources on making a lasting impact is the ultimate goal of your organization. That's why we work with you and on your behalf to free up more dollars to support your vision while providing the unparalleled coverage you need. 

Our Distinctions

Simply put, these are the three unique qualities that positively differentiate CTG Insurance from any other independent agency in the insurance industry.

Leading Solutions

Supporting a lasting impact by protecting the mission of generous organizations.

Genuine Partnerships

We share your passion for serving others by helping you focus on what matters most.

Exceptional Value

Taking the time to understand your organization’s needs and tailor a solution that best fits.

The CTG Experience

We have a passion for helping those organizations who make a positive and lasting difference in the community. By staying involved and in tune with your organization’s ever changing needs, we are able to provide unparalleled insurance solutions that are tailored to you. This proven process will allow you to stay focused on your ultimate mission of creating a greater impact in the community.

Experience the Difference

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