Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help?


Below are some of the more frequent questions we receive as an agency.  If you have a specific question please do not hesitate to give us a call or email.

CTG Insurance

How can I reach CTG Insurance?2023-04-17T10:49:06-04:00

You can reach CTG Insurance by calling or texting 1 (800) 732-0096 or emailing [email protected]. If you prefer, you can also visit our website at and fill out the form to get in touch with a representative.

What kind of insurance does CTG offer?2023-04-17T10:47:37-04:00

CTG Insurance offers property and liability insurance coverage for organizations like churches and nonprofits.

My Policy

When does my policy renew?2023-04-17T10:51:10-04:00

Your policy will renew on the same day each year. You will typically hear from your account manager 30 days prior to the renewal with any premium or coverage changes. You can view the renewal date and any other pertinent information in your Client Portal.

How do I request a certificate of insurance or auto ID card?2023-04-17T10:50:39-04:00

You can request a certificate of insurance or auto ID card by logging into your Client Portal, giving our office a call, or sending an email to [email protected].

How do I make changes to my policy?2023-04-17T10:50:08-04:00

You can request changes to your policy by logging into your Client Portal or by speaking with someone from our team over the phone. If you have any questions about making changes to your policy, we encourage you to speak directly with us so we can help guide you through the process.


What are my payment options?2023-04-17T10:52:07-04:00

Payment options and billing plans will depend on your insurance company. Most companies will offer an annual, quarterly, or monthly option with the ability to set up automatic payments. We can answer specific questions regarding your payment options by contacting us.

Should I make my payments to your agency or the insurance company?2023-03-21T17:36:02-04:00

All payments should be directed to the insurance company unless specifically stated by your representative.  Please see our “billing” section if you wish to pay by phone or have a question on your billing account.


What is my deductible?2023-04-17T10:53:04-04:00

Your deductible is the amount of money you are responsible for paying out-of-pocket before coverage begins. Your specific deductible will be listed on your policy documents, and we can answer any questions about it by contacting us directly.

How do I submit a claim?2023-04-17T10:52:38-04:00

To submit a claim, please start by calling our office at (800) 732-0096. If you need to submit a claim after our normal business hours, please click here to find your insurance company claims contact information.

Will turning in a claim automatically increase my insurance?2023-03-21T17:36:02-04:00

This is not an easy answer.  Different insurance companies will have different formulas on determining your insurance premium; one of which can be claim frequency and severity.  It is our recommendation to discuss your specific claim with our claims manager to see if turning in a claim makes sense.  However, all possible liability claims need to be turned in; as the insurance company needs to be put on notice.

What is an adjuster?2023-03-21T17:36:02-04:00

An adjuster is a representative of the insurance company that helps settle a claim.  They are not employed by us.  We do not settle claims as this is done by the adjuster.  However, we will assist in making sure a covered claim is paid fairly and promptly.

Client Endorsements

At CTG Insurance, we’re committed to ensuring you can focus on what matters. Our full focus is on you having the best experience possible with every interaction… before, during, and after you choose to do business with us.

Great experience with CTG insurance handling our commercial policy needs. Very friendly and quick to respond and make changes to our policy when we need it. Special thanks to Aimee for her help!

Jonathan B., Review left on Google

CTG provides liability insurance for a nonprofit on whose board I sit and they have provided wonderful service, answering questions quickly and helping us clarify whether a specific activity was covered with speed that allowed us to continue to carry out our mission. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Joel A., Review left on Google

CTG has rebid the insurance policies for multiple nonprofits I volunteer on the board for and everytime they are informative, great communicators, and their equivalent policies costed us less! I definitely recommend you calling them – Steve, Aimee, and Anton are all super helpful.

Emily D., Review left on Google

Spencer at CTG handled my church’s insurance needs with great professionalism. His made every effort in answering our questions and was able to find the best coverage for our church.

Huihao F., Review left on Google

CTG makes it SO EASY to get answers to tough insurance questions. I needed special insurance for a project and Kat went above and beyond to secure the needed insurance.Don’t just chase the lowest price; CTG’s customer service is top notch. They are always a phone call away. Wonderful people!

Kris J., Review left on Google

CTG has been great to work, they helped us save money on our insurance, knowledgeable and Aimee is very quick and helpful to answer and question we had. Full Complete Service !!! Hard to find these days.

Tim C., Review left on Google

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