To have accurate information for your insurance policy, submitting photos of your building and property is essential. In this blog, we’ll cover the how-to steps and best practices of how to take clear and comprehensive pictures of the interior and exterior of your buildings.

What to Take Photos of

Your insurance company likes to see interior and exterior photos of buildings you own. Pictures will give the underwriter a clearer understanding of how to insure and how much to insure your ministry’s property.

Interior Areas:

  • Sanctuary
  • Kitchen
  • Boiler / Furnace Room
  • Electrical Box (Door Open)
  • Gymnasium
  • Fellowship Hall
  • Youth Area
  • Narthex / Atrium
  • Baptismal
  • Organ


  • Building
  • Other Structures (Parsonage, Storage Shed)
  • Road Signage

How to Take Photos

The above list may seem like a lot, but taking photos is relatively quick. So now you may be asking yourself some questions about how to take pictures.

Here is what to do:

  1. Interior Photos: Take a photo in each corner of the spaces. If it is a smaller space and you can capture the entire room in 2-3 photos, that will be sufficient.
  2. Exterior Photos: Stand at each corner of the exterior of the building so you can see two sides of the building (corner shots). Photos should include clear shots of the roof, when possible, as well as the ground around the building.
    This includes all buildings, garages, sheds and dwellings.

Submitting Your Photos

This step can sometimes be the most time-consuming, but don’t worry! You have three options for sending your photos to us.

  • Text: You can text them to 800-732-0096 from your cell phone.
  • Email: If you use a digital camera or prefer to email them, you can email [email protected].
  • Upload: You can also upload them here using the tool below.

Wrapping Up

First, we’d like to say Thank You for taking the time to take these photos. They are essential and helpful as we work with your insurance company to ensure you have the right coverage and the correct amount of coverage.

If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to call or text us at 800-732-0096.

Example Photos

Click any image to view larger.