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battle with your church insurance company and agent over a claim, just to get the coverage you paid for?


work with a typical agent that doesn’t understand religious organizations and their coverage needs?


risk a gap in insurance coverage that could cost thousands and take your church years to recover?

At CTG Insurance, we specialize in property and liability insurance for churches and related ministries. We’re committed to insuring you can focus on serving your congregation.

We know that all your resources are laser-focused on making a positive impact. A key component to protecting your mission includes having the right insurance company.

We understand the challenging process of determining the right coverage for your unique needs and believe that every church deserves access to personalized insurance solutions.

We offer leading church insurance options all in one place. Our insurance company partners provide budget conscious coverage specific to religious organizations just like yours, and our experienced insurance agents will support you every step of the way.

Insurance Coverage for Religious Organizations

Protect Your Church Property

If you own any buildings, personal property, or receive cash donations for special events then it is very important to have commercial property insurance. In the event your property is damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen; you have the protection you need.

Safeguard Your Ministry

Whether your church serves a small flock or has a large congregation, you should protect your operations and employees with commercial liability coverage.

Safeguard Your Employees

Workers Compensation gives you protection if an employee of your church is hurt on the job. Whether it's a minor strain or something much worse, Workers Compensation Insurance pays medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, disability benefits, and even death benefits.

Drive with Confidence

Whether you have a van, a bus, or use your own vehicle for ministry related activities, your church should have the right Commercial Auto Insurance. When transporting church members, the youth group, or employees, you'll have liability protection and medical benefits in case anything happens while on the road.

Protect Your Key Leaders

The work of your ministry is so valuable to those you serve. That's why it’s important for your board members and clergy to protect themselves with Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance. If one of your directors or officers is sued, they and the organization are protected.

Uphold Your Beliefs

If your belief-based decisions are legally challenged, churches and other religious organizations like yours need legal protection. Freedom of religious expression insurance coverage pays legal expenses and financial damages for upholding your religious beliefs.

Address Sexual Misconduct

If your church members or clergy are accused of sexual misconduct, your policy's liability coverages will provide financial assistance with legal fees and settlement amounts.