What is an automatic water shutoff valve?

An automatic water shutoff valve is a device installed within a property’s plumbing system designed to prevent water damage by automatically turning off the water supply if a leak or abnormal flow is detected. This proactive measure serves to protect your property from the potentially devastating effects of water damage, which can include structural damage, mold growth, and damage to your organization’s property.

Why is my insurance company recommending we install one?

Water damage claims are among the most common and costly claims that insurance companies face. By recommending the installation of this valve, insurers aim to reduce the frequency and severity of these claims.

The cost of installing a water shutoff valve is generally much lower than the expenses incurred from a single water damage event. By preventing or minimizing the extent of water damage, you can avoid substantial out-of-pocket expenses, including deductibles and potential increases in insurance premiums following a claim.

Can we install an automatic water shutoff valve ourselves, or do we need a professional?

For the installation of an automatic water shutoff valve, it is required that the installation be carried out by a professional plumber. This requirement is in place to ensure that the device is installed correctly and integrated seamlessly with your property’s plumbing system, which is crucial for the valve to function as intended and provide the maximum level of protection against water damage.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company is recommending FloLogic: A commercial grade smart leak control system that is designed to detect even the smallest leaks in real-time and automatically shut them down before catastrophic damage can occur. And with low temperature alerts and auto-shutoffs, FloLogic proactively protects against frozen pipe damage. FloLogic has been protecting property from water damage for more than two decades. Brotherhood Mutual clients are eligable for a 20% discount using the coupon code. All other CTG Insurance clients can use code CTG15 to receive a 15% discount at checkout.

You are not required to use FloLogic
Any automatic water shutoff valve device installed on the main water line prior to the breakout of any distribution lines.

FloLogic System Installers

Listed below is a helpful directory of water shutoff valve installers in Michigan. These companies are not endorsed by CTG Insurance. This is just a list of plumbers as a resource.

Installation and Setup Guide

FloLogic suggests youhire a licensed professional plumber to complete the work, and an electrician if deemed necessary

flologic installation instructions
Plumber Phone City Website
Byron Plumbing (616) 878-9411 Byron Center https://byronplumbinginc.com/
Cicotte Plumbing (586) 264-5200 Clinton Twp. https://www.cicotteplumbing.net/
Gateway Plumbing LLC (616) 466-6269 Grand Rapids https://www.facebook.com/GatewayPlumbingMI/
Godwin Plumbing (616) 243-3131 Grand Rapids https://www.godwinplumbing.com/
Goyette Service (810) 742-8530 Flint https://goyetteservice.com/
Levine and Sons Plumbing (248) 487-1697 Southfield https://www.levineandsons.com/
M&M Plumbing Heating and Cooling (231) 238-7201 Indian River https://www.mm-plumbing.com/
Macatawa Plumbing (616) 772-0388 Zeeland https://macatawaplumbing.com/
Northern Plumbing (517) 546-6145 Howell
Quality Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc. (989) 732-5700 Gaylord
The Firm Plumbing (269) 363-2543 Benton Harbor https://thefirmplumbing.com/
Wojan Plumbing and Heating (231) 547-4776 Charleviox https://wojanplumbingandheating.com
Keiper Mechanical, Inc. (734) 252-7437 Livonia