Possible Claims Examples

  • Data Breach: Hackers gain unauthorized access to the nonprofit’s database, stealing sensitive donor information.

  • Ransomware Attack: Cybercriminals encrypt the organization’s data, demanding a ransom for decryption keys.

  • Phishing Scam: An employee unknowingly clicks on a malicious link, compromising the organization’s email system.

  • Unauthorized Fund Transfer: Cybercriminals manipulate the nonprofit’s financial transactions, leading to unauthorized fund transfers.

Cost of Cyber Liability Insurance

The cost of Cyber Liability Insurance for nonprofits varies based on the organization’s size, type of data handled, and cybersecurity practices. On average, a nonprofit can expect to pay between $500 to $2,000 annually for comprehensive coverage.


Cyber Liability Insurance is an indispensable component of a nonprofit’s risk management strategy, offering a resilient defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats, and ensuring that the organization’s mission is not derailed by cyber adversities.