Church of God In Michigan

Partnership Overview

A strategic partnership to strengthen churches and related-ministries through relevant insurance and risk management insights, tools, and resources. The collaborative mission seeks to maximize Kingdom efforts by equipping ministry leaders with practical resources that will:

  • Inform on insurance risks for property, liability, employees, etc.
  • Guide healthy stewardship practices of church finances
  • Provide resources to help you create and implement successful risk management policies and procedures
  • Connect you with a trusted Independent Insurance Agency for professional advisement
  • Maximize the time spent directly growing the reach of your ministry

What The Program Does

Rewards Ministry associations for their shared commitment to safety by providing funds to help advance the kingdom.

How To Earn Benefits

There are two ways to earn benefits in the Ministry Partner Program

  1. Safe Ministry Reward can be earned each year based on the average loss ratio for ministries insured with Brotherhood Mutual
  2. Ministry Partner Payment can be earned each year based on the number of ministries in your association

Strategic Partnership With Caudill Thornquist Group

CTG has worked with Church of God in Michigan for over 10 years to support the lasting impact of partnered churches and related-ministries. Together, our efforts have promoted safer ministries which have saved time and returned money to nearly 50 churches already participating in the Church of God Ministry Partner Program. To learn more about how to participate, schedule a call below.

Why Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

Brotherhood Mutual has been serving churches and related ministries for over 100 years. Today more than 55,000 ministries trust Brotherhood Mutual to protect their people, property, and reputation.

Solutions for your ministry:

Property & Liability

Commercial Auto

Payroll & Tax Support

Mission Travel

Employee Benefits

Workers' Comp.

HR Services

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