Leading Solutions

At CTG, we support a lasting impact by protecting the mission of generous organizations. We do this by properly insuring the risks that are associated to the major segments of every client, including their leadership, operations, assets, and financials.

By crafting a comprehensive, yet personable insurance plan, we not only carry the burden to make that community leader whole after a devastating loss, but we ensure that their mission is continued in the midst of a disaster that would otherwise cease their efforts to serve others.

Insurance Solutions

These separate insurance policy types serve as agreements to indemnify your organization, should a loss occur. The proper use of insurance offers a very practical way to responsibly protect your organizations leadership, operations, assets, and financials. Although seemingly similar, there can be major differences in policy coverages from Insurer to Insurer and we recommend choosing a professional partner that will be able to provide a comprehensive policy that mirrors that of your organization.

Property & Casualty
Commercial Automobile
Workers' Compensation & Employers Liability
Key Person's Life Protection
Group Health Benefits
Financial & Retirement Benefits
Understanding Insurance
Types of Claims
Claim Forms
Budget Risk Resource Form
Mission Continuation Plan Template

During A Loss

Over the years, we've helped hundreds of organizations recover from the aftermath of a loss and it never gets any easier. As insurance is a practical resource that can be utilized to mitigate direct and indirect losses to your assets and/or operations, we've provided a space to help you best navigate these circumstances should they arise.

Leaders Toolkit

At CTG Insurance, we go the extra mile with you to ensure a greater impact within your community. Working in tandem with our unparalleled coverage and uncompromised experience, these tools are provided at no cost to organizational leaders who seek to productively further their mission.