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Do You Have the Right Coverage?

Although property coverage is designed to make you whole after a claim, that isn’t always the case. Under a typical policy and without the right coverage, you may realize that you’re underinsured and over budget. That’s why at CTG Insurance, we provide personalized insurance solutions so that you can continue your operations, even during a property claim.

Property Coverage Solutions Recommended to Protect Your Organization

Property Insurance

When your building or personal property is damaged by accident, the right commercial property insurance is essential for making you whole after a loss.

Ordinance or Law Enforcement

While your building insurance covers direct building damage, this coverage will pay out-of-pocket construction expenses required by municipal ordinances.

Business Income, Loss of Earnings, Donations, & Extra Expenses

While your property insurance may cover direct building damage, these coverages fill the gap of unforeseen expenses by providing the finances necessary for you to continue your operations during a restoration period.

Systems & Equipment Breakdown

When you experience sudden or accidental breakdown of your mechanical and electrical systems, this coverage pays your out-of-pocket expenses.

Crime Coverage

When your organization handles, holds, or transfers money and securities, crime coverage will make you financially whole after a claim of money theft or embezzlement.