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Are you weighing insurance options for your company? Many business owners assume that the bigger the insurance companies, the better the coverage, but the reality is that local service is the best fit for small businesses. Here are the reasons why.

Close Communication

Imagine that your organization chose a national brand for its policy. Over the weekend, one of your company vehicles was involved in an accident. You need immediate assistance to file a claim and get back to business, but you’re at the end of a long list of other clients. Now you’re stuck waiting during an emergency because you’re no longer a priority to them.

When working with local insurance companies, you are not just another number in a queue.  CTG Insurance, we provide close communication whenever you need us. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing we always give our clients the care they deserve.

Local Knowledge

Large insurance companies will rarely know your area as well as a local team. Your coverage will have blind spots that leave you vulnerable without regional knowledge. Is your business in a place where flooding can occur? Will severe weather damage your property? National insurance brands haven’t experienced these issues first-hand, so you’ll be left unprotected.

Local expertise is especially crucial for harsh Michigan winters. Heavy snowfall damages roofs, causes icy roads, and makes it dangerous to walk on your property. Choosing insurance companies from your community means you’ll be protected from these issues.

Personalized Plans

Does your business have specific needs that require coverage? Large insurance companies are more concerned with meeting their needs than fulfilling yours. A one-size-fits-all approach is not going to cut it for most businesses.

You deserve a personalized plan, and a local insurance company is like a neighbor with your best interest at heart. Now you can get customized solutions so you can run your operation without worry.

Protecting You Every Step Of The Way

We provide best-fit solutions for your organization. CTG Insurance has over forty years of experience providing comprehensive coverage to local businesses just like yours. Contact us today to find the plan that meets your unique needs.

About the Author: Anton Thornquist
Anton Thornquist is the owner of CTG Insurance. Anton purchased CTG from his grandfather Ralph, and expanded the company to begin covering nonprofit organizations of all sizes and causes, as well as human services organizations. Anton saw how these sectors were underserved much like churches were back when the company was founded, so now CTG seeks to help even more kinds of organizations with their important work.

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