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Running a nonprofit without legal protection can quickly lead to disaster. All it takes is one accident to set your progress back to square one. One of the best ways to protect your organization from unforeseen circumstances is liability insurance.

If you’re wondering, “What does liability insurance cover?” we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn the ways this protection plan can benefit your cause.


Imagine you’re running a food bank on a hectic day. There was a spill that needed cleaning, so you had someone mop the floors. Unfortunately, one of the visitors missed the wet floor sign and fell. Before you know it, there’s a legal dispute on your hands.

Your first thought might be, “What does liability insurance cover regarding injuries?” Good news: this coverage applies to yourself, team members, and the public. Liability insurance will cover medical bills, attorney fees, and court settlements involved with these types of accidents.

Property Damage

Has your nonprofit ever rented a public space to throw a fundraiser? You’re responsible for any property used during the event. If a team member damages a sound system or blows out a microphone, you would typically be charged for the repairs.

Liability insurance provides coverage if your nonprofit is accountable for property damages. Give your organization the protection it deserves so you’re secure everywhere you go.

Advertising Issues

Every time your nonprofit updates its branding, there’s a chance you’ll accidentally resemble another business. If that happens, they might take legal action against you. You will quickly find yourself asking, “What does liability insurance cover when it comes to advertising?” Fortunately, your coverage extends to copyright and brand infringement.

Directors & Officers Liabilities 

It is crucial for nonprofits to have accurate financial records. As the director, you could be held personally responsible for any errors. These costs can quickly sink your establishment. By carrying liability insurance, you’ll be guarded against these potential nightmares.

Protecting Your Mission

It’s hard to make a positive impact when your nonprofit is vulnerable to liabilities. CTG Insurance eliminates your worries so you can focus on your mission. Contact us today to find the personalized insurance plan that fits your needs.

About the Author: Anton Thornquist
Anton Thornquist is the owner of CTG Insurance. Anton purchased CTG from his grandfather Ralph, and expanded the company to begin covering nonprofit organizations of all sizes and causes, as well as human services organizations. Anton saw how these sectors were underserved much like churches were back when the company was founded, so now CTG seeks to help even more kinds of organizations with their important work.

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