Genuine Partnerships

While other companies within our space focus on premiums, we focus on people. At CTG Insurance, we build meaningful relationships because we understand that behind every church striving for a better community, there are people; behind every child-based center seeking to help abused and neglected children, there are people; behind every veteran-oriented nonprofit helping our Nations hero's, there are people.

We share your passion for serving others and this is how we help you focus on what matters most.

Who We Serve

We work with organizational leaders that share a proprietary disposition to support a lasting impact for Nonprofits, Religious Institutions, and Human Service organizations in the Midwestern Region of the U.S.A.

Corporate Partners and Vendors

At CTG Insurance, we value building meaningful relationships. Along with partnering with social impact organizations, we trust the strategic partnerships with select insurance carriers and professional companies that share our passion to help you focus on what matters most. Each partnership provides the ultimate risk management experience and represents our genuine commitment to seeing a greater impact when we work together.

Insurance Companies
Vendor Partnership Services

Legal Assistance
Financial Services
Payroll Services
Safety and Security Consulting
Background Screen Volunteers
Protection for Foreign Travel

Group Programs and Affiliates

As the old African proverb notes 'one can go fast alone, but many can go further together' and we couldn't agree more. At CTG, we know the truth of this principle and seek to further the mission of charitable organizations financially, when associated with a group.

If you're an organizational leader of a group or association that has a passion for growing your impact, then please call to connect with our Client Relations Director regarding further details or fell free to complete a short form for more information on Group Programs.