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May 31

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Anton Thornquist Anton Thornquist

All things in life have their Yin and Yang. The automobile is by far no exception; mine's in the shop right now.

The car is considered one of mankind's greatest inventions, and I agree. Every one of the 30,000 parts it takes to get out of your driveway each morning, were created to work precisely with the other 29,999 parts so that you can get back into your driveway after you realize you have two different shoes on (true story). It's incredibly impressive when you think about it (the car I mean, not the shoes it was dark and I was in a hurry).

The invention of the first automobile in the late 1800s, it changed the way we travel, so much so that it is hard to imagine not having a vehicle today. As wonderful as this sounds, there is one colossal stipulation with the automobile that we've all experienced in one way or another: repairs, maintenance, upkeep, and accidents.

Car accidents are the most common types of claims we see. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are 45,000 accidents every year due to a vehicle malfunction, the most common being tire and wheel related. A tire blowout due to worn out tread or improper inflation can be incredibly dangerous, especially while on the highway. Visually inspecting your vehicle before driving can reduce the chances of an issue while on the road. To help with this, we want to share with you a quick and easy visual inspection sheet that can be done while literally walking to the driver's door.

There are also a couple of other ways to utilize this sheet. If your organization has several vehicles or several drivers, require this to be completed before they leave and file them once returned. This will create a log of the vehicle's condition, and lets you know when it might be time to take it in for repairs before it's too late. Prolonging an issue with a vehicle is potentially dangerous, but can also be quite expensive.

Go ahead and download the inspection sheet, make as many copies as you need, and implement a fleet management process within your nonprofit or church. If you have any questions regarding commercial use vehicles, commercial auto insurance, vehicle and fleet management, or risk management, in general, don't hesitate to reach out!

Just got the call, my car is ready to be picked up.… 💸💸 😭 😭

Ensuring your vehicle’s safety is paramount to avoiding on-road incidents that could cause injury. There are many factors that go into vehicle safety; from staying on top of vehicle maintenance to on road behavior and emergency preparedness. Download our Vehicle Safety Checklist to make sure your vehicle is safe for your drivers and passengers.