Exceptional Value

At CTG, we place emphasis on creating value and oftentimes it can be difficult to define that value because it is derived from many sources, but one thing is certain; our value is exceptional.

Our value is not generated from one source, but is a culmination of everything that we have to offer, which could range from the blends of our Mission and accompanied Core Values, to our competitive spirit in providing the very best insurance plan to our clients and may even include the value that we ourselves place on our relationships.

Although our value encompasses many characteristics, we believe the single greatest is who we serve, simply because your lasting impact is invaluable.

Our Pledge of Exceptional Value

"We pledge to keep the best interest of your organization at heart; to provide unparalleled coverage and uncompromised experience"

Our pledge is real, our pledge is genuine, and our pledge is honest. At CTG, we know that at the heart of every mission, there is an authentic vision for the greater good; at the center of every act of selflessness, there is immense sacrifice; and at the core of every generous organization, there is not an ounce of regret for your life's work. It's this simple principle of our shared passion that reveals our greatest value which is serving those who serve.

Fiduciary Responsibility

At CTG Insurance, we continually strive to support a lasting impact for those who make a difference by maintaining professional integrity, upholding financial excellence, and renewing tall standards. Since our genesis, there's been a great sense of accountability, not sole to ourselves, nor only our corporate partners; but more importantly, the greatest sense of accountability is given to our clients. To keep the best interest of your organization at heart with every decision is to marry our fiduciary responsibility as professionals and our passion for helping you focus on what matters most.

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Project: SERVE

As it became evident that our passion for serving others goes beyond our professional industry, Project: SERVE was initiated in 2017 with the goal in mind of supporting charitable organizations in various capacities, such as actively volunteering in ongoing projects or sponsoring special events. By personably connecting with thought leaders, volunteers, and community engagements, we believe that a greater impact can be cultivated when working together, hand-in-hand.