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Workers Compensation Declaration Pages

Who’s Covered Under Workers Compensation Policies?

Workers Compensation is required by law if your organization has employees. But there can be some confusion around who is covered by Workers Compensation, depending on your workforce being W2 or 1099 contractors. In this blog I will talk about what a worker’s compensation policy is, what benefits it includes, and who should be covered.
Church Van Dashboard

Confused by Michigan Auto Reform Renewal Forms?

In July 2020, the Michigan Auto Reform took effect, which created additional insurance options for personal and commercial drivers. If you haven’t already, you will receive two different forms before your policy renews, giving you the option of changing coverage. In this blog, I’m going to talk about what to do with those forms, whether you’re changing or keeping your coverage the same.
Nurse Administering a COVID-19 Vaccination

Are You Considering Hosting a COVID-19 Vaccination Site?

Nurse administering COVID-19 vaccine in Flint, MI Is your church or ministry considering hosting a COVID-19 vaccination site? If yes, it is very important to have a Facility Use Agreement in place. One of the best steps your ministry can take to help reduce the risk of liability is to develop a facility use agreement. This



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