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Working From Home? Here’s Why You Still Need Home-Based Business Insurance. 

A growing number of entrepreneurs run their businesses from the comfort of their home. If you’re a home-based business owner, you may be wondering if you still need business insurance. It's important to know that neither homeowners' or renters' insurance policies cover home-based businesses. As a result, you may need additional business insurance.

What Businesses Need Liability Insurance in Michigan?

There are a myriad of costs that go into starting and running a small business. When it comes to investing in insurance, you might be wondering if you can operate without it. However, all business owners in Michigan should consider liability insurance to protect against risks associated with your property, employees, and daily operations. Running it without insurance could jeopardize the future of your business.

Small Businesses Neglect General Liability Coverage—Here’s Why You Shouldn’t.

If you own a small business, you’ve probably put your heart and soul into building and growing it. Doesn’t it make sense to protect all of that hard work? General liability coverage is a basic insurance policy that shields your business from common risks. If you work directly with clients and customers, this insurance policy will keep your company financially stable in the event of a lawsuit. It’s best to invest in general liability coverage immediately after starting your business, so that you’re never left vulnerable.

Cyber Liability Coverage: Does Your Business Actually Need It?

Does your business use the Internet, handle credit card transactions, or collect personal information from customers? No matter what your organization does, it’s likely that the answer to at least one of these is yes—and that makes your business a target for cyber attacks.

Does Your Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

How do you tell if you need a commercial auto insurance policy? If you or an employee uses a vehicle to conduct any kind of business service, such as delivering goods or transporting people, you’ll need auto insurance.
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