Adding New Drivers and Vehicles to Your Policy

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Purchasing a vehicle or adding a driver to your policy can be an overwhelming process. Making those changes to your auto insurance policy should be a smooth transaction, in this blog, we will discuss what you will need to know before contacting your agent.


Adding a Vehicle to Your Policy 

You will need to gather a few pieces of information to add a new vehicle to your policy, having this prior to calling your agent will ensure a quick policy change.  

  1. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)  
  2. Year, Make, and Model of the vehicle  
  3. Primary Usage of the vehicle  
  4. Finance or Lienholder Information  

Once you have the above information contact your agency within 30 days of purchasing the vehicle, most insurance companies will require proof to add or remove any vehicle past 30 days.  Your agent should be able to process a change adding the vehicle and issue an Auto ID Card while answering any further questions you may have.  

Safety and maintenance are especially important when it comes to preventing future claims, here are some ways to prevent accidents by simply having a pre/post-trip checklist.


Adding a Driver to Your Policy  

When adding a driver to the policy you will need the following information: 

  1. Full Name of the driver 
  2. Date of Birth 
  3. Driver’s License Number 

We recommend screening every driver before adding them to your policy, this will help prevent adding a driver that is inexperienced or has a bad driving record. With the use of a Driver Screening Form, you can properly access if someone is a good fit for your ministry or non-profit.  


Here are a few things to screen for to better protect your organization:

  1. Proper licensing – Confirm if the Driver’s License is current and active 
  2. Driving record – Confirm if there have been any violations, tickets, or suspensions in the last 3-5 years 
  3. Age of the driver – Have an age requirement of no younger than 25 years old 
  4. Experience and raining – Require proper training for inexperienced drivers with yearly continued training  

Here at CTG Insurance, we have several resources including a driver screening form that makes adding that new driver or vehicle seamless, we want to protect your passenger, drivers, and mission just as much as you do.

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