'It's better to give, than to receive', at least that’s how the old adage goes. It's hard to deny this statement, but even more difficult to make it a way of life. As a nonprofit organization, you've chosen the path few take and have accepted a challenge to place others before yourself. At CTG, we too share your passion for serving others and believe that we can support a greater impact by partnering, prioritizing, and protecting your mission because it's what matters most.

Our Distinctions

Simply put, these are the three unique qualities that positively differentiate Caudill Thornquist Group from any other independent agency in the insurance industry.

The CTG Experience

At Caudill Thornquist Group, we have a passion for supporting your impact and we believe that 'The CTG Experience" will help you focus on what matters most. This proven process will ensure a simplified experience for your organizational leaders, while actively developing a comprehensive insurance plan with a trusted advisor.

Experience the Difference

Know The Risks of Not Carrying D&O Insurance

If you're an organizational leader with a proprietary disposition for your mission, then you must responsibly consider the liabilities associated to your board members. At Caudill Thornquist Group, we understand that your Directors and Officers work hard for you, so we in turn want to work hard for them should they become held legally liable for organizational decisions.

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10 Questions To Ask About Insurance

You carry insurance so you can keep pursuing your mission if an unforeseen event comes your way. But without the right insurance and risk management practices, that work could get sidetracked.  Learn what questions you should be asking yourself and your insurance partner when reviewing your insurance and risk management plans.