"Go and make disciples of all nations" is the Commission given to all believers in the Gospel of Matthew. As a Church or Related-Ministry, you've accepted a higher calling to be witnesses of the good news and are appointed to stay the course.

At Caudill Thornquist Group, we understand that the responsibility can be heavy and so believe that by crafting a comprehensive insurance plan with a simplified experience, we can together support a lasting impact for the Kingdom.

Our Distinctions

Simply put, these are the three unique qualities that positively differentiate Caudill Thornquist Group from any other independent agency in the insurance industry.

The CTG Experience

At Caudill Thornquist Group, we have a passion for supporting your impact and we believe that 'The CTG Experience" will help you focus on what matters most. This proven process will ensure a simplified experience for your organizational leaders, while actively developing a comprehensive insurance plan with a trusted advisor.

Experience the Difference

Learn About Common Gaps in Ministry's Policy

As risk exposures continually address the unique aspects of Religious Institutions, we've developed a resource to help you identify the top 5 trending gaps likely risking your future impact as a ministry. Our mission is to help you focus on what matters most, so download this free publication to ensure that you're properly protected. If you believe your ministry may have a gap in coverage, call us now to speak with a trusted advisor.

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